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One More Historical Photo

One more historical photo of the barge since it’s a really great photo mostly because it shows the family so clearly.  Again, probably taken around late 1920s or early 1930s, this photo shows, left to right, Hendrik Dijkema, Elizabeth van Eerden, Jantje Oosting, and Hilje Dijkema (Doug’s grandmother).  Jantje Oosting married Hilje’s brother, Albert, and …

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Another Photo

Here’s another photo taken probably around the same time as the one from this post.  Left to right, that’s Hendrik Dijkema, his wife Elizabeth van Eerden, Hilje Dijkema, and Ellechien Dijkema.  Hilje and Ellechien appear to be wearing the same dresses, and you can even see the barge’s name on the plate at the back …

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Hendrik Dijkema

Let’s meet Janine’s original owners!  In the photo above are Hendrik Dijkema and Elizabeth van Eerden in a photo taken probably in the 1930s or so at the Foto Steenmeijer studio in Groningen.  Hendrik and Elizabeth were the parents of Hilje Dijkema, Doug’s grandmother which makes these two his great grandparents. Hendrik Dijkema was born …

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History: Meet the Vertrouwen

What really started this whole thing for us was a photo.  This photo. Doug’s parents were moving from the family home to a smaller home in a 50+ community and were starting to clean out some 40 odd years worth of accumulated stuff.  Being a huge genealogy nerd, I, Melissa, offered to scan the family …

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Getting Started

There’s been a whole lot going on over the past year, and I thought we’d try to keep all of the barge-related stuff in one place!  I suppose this is starting out mostly for family and friends to keep up with our travels and adventures as we explore The Netherlands with our barge, but also …

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